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Delhi 9.jpg
During the in-country orientation, one place that the group visited was the Gandhi Museum. Along with drafting the group's charter, looking at maps, and framing the trip, the group relaxed on the lush lawn and learned/perfected the art of cartwheeling. Afterwards, the group toured the high-tech museum, participating in the interactive multi-media exhibits. For those who are traveling in or through Delhi, the multi-media Gandhi experience is a must. For the group, it brought up questions focusing on simplicity: Would Gandhi want such a high-tech museum in his name? Would he want one at all? What is the purpose of these multi-media exhibits? Are they more powerful than the written word or still picture? Does this technology communicate Gandhi's ideals? What are your thoughts?

Watch the most-excellent cartwheelin' sessions at the Gandhi Museum in Delhi:

Video 1

Video 2

Cartwheeling with Gandhi


haha that was great. especially Tracy's photo sequence

Send More videos!! That was super. A bit fuzzy, but still great to see. Glad you are all having a great time!

sick filming