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First Days in Delhi

Tracy begins Delhi orientation

As we're jamming out to Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin in the internet cafe, the blog is being christened with thoughtful entries sharing just a few of the experiences that we've been having.

We've seen sights in Old Delhi like the Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque), a Sikh Gudwara, a Jain Temple and the famous Red Fort in Delhi. Also, we visited the ISKCON Temple and learned about Krishna consciousness and why Krishna devoties wear their hair shaved, with a tuft in the back (So if they get distracted from the path, Krishna can take a good hold and pull back.) We've eaten wondrous meals of south India dosa and uttapam, nursed chai addictions, and (finally) ate at the best resturant in Delhi, Gulnar, where Noah and Matt graciously finished half a brain cooked up with curry.

Today, we'll visit an orphanage and hang out with some of the children who live there after their school is out. We'll take in the National Museum this evening and prepare ourselves for our first train ride, landing in Allahabad where we will meet our boatmen and start our journey on Ganga-ji. (Arrrrrrr. (pirate noise) )

We're so thankful for all of the help and support we've recieved from our friends and coordinators in Delhi. Constant patience and flexibility on the part of the students, leaders, and coordinators have offered a solid base for a beautiful journey!

We'll be in touch soon...


You have no idea how nostalgic reading this blog is making me... I love you to death, Trace. I hope you are being all mentorish to the newbies and showing them the sights! Give my love to Amit and Gurav and the crew.